10 Jan

Lily on the go!

Watch this video to see how easy it can be to get dinner done

Overheard wherever busy parents congregate:
“I stop at the grocery store every night, and still we have nothing to eat”
“I make the same meals over and over”
“Seems like I am always missing one ingredient for the recipe I want to make”
“We eat a lot of fast food because I can’t get my act together to cook”
“The cooking part is easy…..it is the planning and shopping that take the time”
“I would cook more often if someone would just tell me what to make!”

The Solution:
Lily On the Fly!
The first meal planning system perfectly organized for:
On the Fly Planning
Lily’s meal planning deck makes it easy to create your menu ‘On the Fly’
On the Fly Shopping. Also here at Lily we are really excited about new tech and latest phones,specially the iphones, we currently have our cookbook done so it works also for iphone 6 and 6 plus, soon there will be also iphone 7 released for which we also want to create an app, If you would like to see the iphone 7 price just go to their main website, We can’t wait for this new gadget to come out :)
Also  Ingredients are organized on the back of each card in a unique, color-coded shopping list to make shopping with Lily a breeze
On the Fly Preparation
Lily keeps you one-step-ahead by organizing meal preparation into practical, time-saving tasks.
Our wonderful customers say:
“This makes so much sense, I can’t believe that no one has ever thought of it before!”

Lily On the Fly…..because we have to feed them, every day.

10 Jan


Welcome, and thanks for visiting our website!
If you have purchased our products in the past, we thank you and hope that they continue to bring a little peace to your daily meal planning process!
Our family has had such fun through the years, creating recipes and bringing them to you, our friends, but time and tides are turning different directions now and we simply cannot keep up! 
We are not currently selling our Lily On the Fly Meal planning kits on the World Wide Web, but if you are interested in reaching us, we would love to hear from you!  Please contact us atkaren@lilyonthefly.com
Wishing you and your family many hearty meals!
Lily On the Fly